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Twisted Love Novel

Twisted Love Novel

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This is a pre-oder of my novel: Twisted Love

Summary: Lucas Evans is at the peak of his career. Well renowned in the field of medicine. He's beloved by all and is a beacon of hope to those on the verge of death.

There is only one problem. Lucas is a cold-blooded serial killer.
This is a tale of a young man's thirst for blood against the hero society he lives in and against his greatest enemy: The number one hero.
Welcome to this alternative universe where having superpowers is the norm and superhero is a job application. Hero's are treated like celebrities and competition is strong to be top of the hero ranking. After all, being #1 means being the country's best.


Book information: This listing is for a Hardback book. Every book will be hand  autographed by me, bunnycino.

The book will include artwork both in the book and bonus prints as a pre-order exclusive gift.

Disclaimer: Please make sure you're aware this is a pre-order. 💚

This book is a horror, contains disturbing content and content of a sexual nature.

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